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Rich Castor Jr.

When they talk about Super Modified racing, Rich Castor Jr. is the name that comes up first. The Castor family is the "First Family of Super modified racing in Colorado. Rich has over 10 championship seasons under his belt and has won more A features that most can count. In 2014 Rich's 16 year old son Cody starting driving a super mod, and 2017 will be the debut of Rich's daughter Rose. The entire family is equipped with USA Performance Engines, so don't be surprised to see a Castor sweep on the podium. If you want to meet a true Racing family check out the Castor family on Saturday night at Colorado National Speedway in Dacona, Colorado.

Cody Castor

Young Cody Castor, age 19 has racing in his blood lines. He started racing at Colorado National Speedway in a Legends car and did pretty well. The next season Cody made a 700 horse power jump and decided to follow in dad's foot steeps as a third generation Super modified driver. In 2016 Cody finished 8th in points with ERA Super Modified's. It won't be long before he will be sharing the podium with dad or his sister Rose.

Rose Castor

2017 will be a special time for Rose Castor and her family. Rose will compete full time in her Castor family owned Super modified. Rose has been busy the last few years studying psychology in college and has decided to follow a family tradition of racing. There is nothing like starting your race career in a 850 horse power super modified powered by her USA Performance Engine. Rose has been around racing her whole life and is now ready to hit the track and continue the Castor family domination.

Harry Stone

Harry Stone is one of the finest racers and a true racing legend in Colorado. Harry has been racing and winning Super Modifieds for decades. Harry has many friends around him that have helped him to achieve such great success no matter who he puts behind the wheel as his driver. Harry is one of very few driver's in racing that is also considered a great car owner as well. Harry's ability to set up the car then find young talent to help stack the trophy case is amazing. Next time your at Colorado National Speedway, come meet a true gentleman in racing, car #40 Harry Stone.

Adam Deines

Adam Deines comes from a 100% racing family. Adam drives the Colorado National Speedway Pro Truck #7. With car owner Buck Deines (Aka dad) turning wrench's and doing the radio work. Adam proves time after time he is the guy to beat at CNS. Next time you are at CNS look for Adam Deines, he will probably be in the winners circle with a trophy and his Dodge Powered, USA Performance Engine Pro Truck

Joe James Jr.

Joe James Jr. aka: "Triple J", is the 1973, 1986 & 1987 Late Model Track Champion at Lakeside speedway in Denver Colorado as well as the 1994 Late Model Track Champion at Colorado National Speedway. Joe James Jr's long history of racing in the Denver area has made him a household name for over 40 years on both the Asphalt and Dirt. Joe is a second generation driver who is always fast. When you talk about late models you better say "JJJ"!

Joe James Jr- Carc Modified

This Carc modified was hand built and is owned and driven by Joe james Jr. It is one of the nicest race cars you may ever see. Always fast and always a threat to win with his 600+HP engine from USA Performance. Look for Joe at CNS on nights off from racing his late model.

Roger Avants

Roger "The Ice Man" Avants and his 2011 Lefthander Chassis and new CNS Tour Engine from USA Performance Engines. A veteran late model driver at Colorado National Speedway has done it all. Roger has competed in many different classes and won 6 Nascar Weekley Racing Series late model track championships, he is a 5 time CNS track champion. Roger also won the 2002 Nascar Northwest Region championship. The last several years Roger and his USA Performance Engines have been on a terror, winning feature after feature. In 2010 Roger won more late model races at Colorado National Speedway than anyone else. Look for Roger in a winners circle near you.